9 years

30 startups

8+ industries

Hey, Tom here. I'm Passionate about simplicity and good practical UX thinking.


Increase in customers completing onboarding.
@ ClearStake
Increase in revenue generated per customer.
@ ClearStake
Reduction in staff time allocated to assessing customers.
@ ClearStake
Rise in player engagement after UX overhaul.
@ ClearStake
Struggling with sales, marketing or product market fit? Get a fresh perspective with honest and upfront insights.


The no BS design process, honed over 8 years.
01 -
Audit the now
An essential place to start, where are you now and where do we want to get to? Secret shopping of the current experience to understand the context.
02 -
Customer orientation
Now we know where were at, where is your customer at? It's a deep dive into your current customer data and if needed collecting new data.
03 -
Find the value
Time To Value denotes how long it will take for a customer to find (or not) the value there looking for in your product. Finding the value means we can design with the users goal upfront.
04 -
Design with that value
With our value defined, we design to show customers that value. Optimising onboarding, messaging and using nearly a decade of experience in UI/UX.
05 -
Get it validated
Iterate, test, iterate and test. Always going back to the customer to ensure we're showing that value and not making assumptions. Assumptions kill products.
06 -
Ship it
Polish it up, and launch it. This is the easy bit, a product lead by customers and designed to maximise it's value to them. A true customer led experience.
You can find my resume here
Generation Stuck
2023 to present
Founded after the sad closure of Allbricks, we wanted to keep the spirit of the project alive. It has never been harder to buy or rent a home, so we made it our mission to provide support and guidance on the options available to those getting started.
2023 to present
Built off the back of 9 years of UI/UX work in the startup world. Combining forces with a former Apple marketer we've helped startups understand what's working, what's not and how they can get back on the path to growth. Our audit process covers marketing, product market fit and UX to give startups a true sense of where they're at.
2021 to present
I lead the UI/UX for the rapidly growing ClearStake product stack. Providing insight and actively designing the platform in collaboration with its customers. It's a true customer led product, with big plans.
2021 to 2023
Designed and branded the Numarqe platform, marketing site and bank card. Working as a solo design with a fast-paced development team meant keeping good pace and iterating quickly. I've helped Numarqes customers track 6 figure credit lines through good UX and a through understanding of the problem and space.
2019 to 2023
Designed the MVP for the Allbricks product, through a very involved customer led design process culminating in over 50+ user interviews and 10+ focus groups. Leading this project was a career first and a true challenge, especially with such tight financial regulations, such as the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations.
2016 to Present
I've worked with over 25+ startups, across 9 years of UI/UX work. I started at the bottom in my first startup and have worked cross-industry with some of the fastest up and coming startups on the market.