2016 - Present


One platform to manage your corporate card spend, up to 60 day credit, multi currency cards in GBP, EUR, USD and more
Designs accurate as of - May 2023. This work is currently in progress, images shown may differ from final release
User research
Marketing site
The tasks at hand
Design a scalable design system and CSS framework that will grow with the business
Scope out and design the MVP for a new modern credit platform
Design the Numarqe physical card
Growth is king
Utilising Tailwind
When scalability and time is key
  • I usually always recommend Tailwind, due to its ease of use for developers and it’s focus on utility classes.
  • The option to utilise Storybooks, RedwoodJS and TailwindUI was a major factor
  • Utilising TailwindUI to reduce the time and cost to get the MVP up and running and into customers hands
  • Utilised Figma Tokens and the TailwindUI Figma library to rapidly prototype and eventually create developer friendly wireframes
  • Utilised Primary and FigJam to map out the flow
MVP it
Crafting the MVP
The process for the MVP was for it to be efficiently designed and built:
I focused on utilising as much of the Tailwind library as possible, in combination with Hero Icons to
  • Reduce the no of components we need to build from scratch
  • Clear and consistent iconography, with established accessibility features
  • Works well when integrated with Storybooks
Held design sessions with key stakeholders to run ‘design as you go’ workshops. These sessions lasted 1-2 hours and comprised of a series of live mockup wireframes. This gave me a solid understanding of the exact user requirements.
Systems required
Designing the system
In order to scale the production to match the pace of development we leveraged a custom TailwindUI library
  • Using TailwindUI as base, a custom version was created using bespoke components unique to NUMARQE. This included sliders, layers and micro-interaction elements
  • This was crafted in Figma, for maximum transparency across teams
  • A simpler version was created which forms the foundation of the brand guidelines synergising marketing and product
  • Increase consistency = better and quicker collaborations
Dash ahoy!
Data Dashboards
Collection of mockups representing modals, dashboards and the mobile experience


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